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Things you should know about fruit smoothies.

Even fruit smoothies are beverages that can help add good nutrients to the body. But drinking too much can also cause the body to receive more energy than necessary. Therefore, in addition to nutrients, You should limit the amount of drinking to a reasonable level as

Smoking while pregnant How is it dangerous to the fetus?

Smoking while pregnant or before pregnancy increases the risk of complications that can cause death to the fetus health. The complications that may occur are as follows: Miscarriage is the loss of an embryo within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy UFABET  ectopic pregnancy It is a condition in which

Rice bran oil.

Rice bran oil contains many antioxidants such as the tocopherol group and gamma oryzanol. Which helps moisturize the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, it is often used in the production of external skin medicine. It is an ingredient in sunscreen. Wrinkle reduction products Including