How to play Sic Bo online

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How to play Sic Bo online  , players can study and understand easily. The purpose of playing Hi-Lois randomly earning points from the dice. In playing Sic Bo online with UFABET. All 3 dice are used to play, each ball has 6 faces. Each face has points from 1 point to 6 points, thus making a picture Variety of betting types. How to play Sic Bo will be played through a program develop by UFABET. And there is a video camera in the live broadcast. Let the players get the atmosphere of playing in a real casino. How to play Hi-Lo online Players must place bets first. to shake the dice By playing Hi-Lo with UFABET, the steps are as follows. สมัคร UFABET

Step 1  :

Start playing Hi-Lo online On the game page there will be a countdown timer. and while the time was walking Players must bet on how the dice will come out. You can choose to play Hi-Lo in different numbers or formats as expected.

Step 2  :

When the countdown timer runs out. Players will not be able to place additional bets. After that, the desk staff will shake the dice To randomly earn points from each dice.

Step 3  :

After the dice shake is over. Players can view the outcome of the dice from the screen. The result of the outcome of all 3 dice. Will be display and the compensation received for guessing correctly. Then compare the result of the dice on the screen whether it matches the player’s bet result or not to check the loss.

Step 4 :

In case of shaking, the dice fall on the edge of the cup. in a sloping or overlapping manner until unable to determine the point of the dice or the cover hits the dice causing the expected results to move The table clerk will shake the dice again. which will mainly rely on the result of shaking in the second time