‘Quansah’ I couldn’t be happier to have the first ball for the Swans.

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Jarell Quansah, Liverpool’s rising defender. He admits to having mixed emotions after scoring his first goal for the club, but lost 1-2 to Union Saint Chillois in the Europa League last night.

The 20-year-old center came up to play from a corner before shooting with his right hand. It was an equalizing goal, however, the “Reds” Instead, they lost in the final game of the group stage.

Quansah said, “Maybe you didn’t see the celebration, did you? Nowadays you never know if it will work or not.”

But reflecting on the game to Liverpoolfc.com afterwards, Quansah was more concerned with what he and his young teammates could learn from the result.

He said: “You probably didn’t see a celebration, did you? You never know nowadays with what can get given.

“Maybe because we just lost a goal. So I wasn’t very happy with myself. It was a case of just coming back after conceding a goal”

“Because my job is not to concede goals. I’ll go back and look at it one more time.”

“This is a young energetic team. But we went into the field with the expectation of winning. and want to win”

“We’ve never gone into a game where we didn’t want to win. So I think it didn’t go the way we wanted. But there were still many important learning moments for myself and the team.”