Sic Bo rules online

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No matter what type of Sic Bo, most of them have similar playing methods and rules. Anyone who has some background in this type of gambling game is not difficult at all. For those who haven’t yet. There are simple rules that must be remember as follows. สมัคร UFABET

  1. The device used to play must have 6 sided dice, 3 of which each ball will always have a point of 1-6.
  2. Shakers must be translucent only. to see clear results
  3. Players must place their bets within the time limit. If time runs out, will have to wait to play in the next round.
  4. When the time for accepting bets has expired The dealer or dealer will shake Sic Bo to draw prizes.
  5. After the prize is paid to the player who guessed correctly. Will start playing a new round immediately
  6. For shaking that the dice overlaid or that the face of the score is not clear. Will be considered invalid, then start over immediately.

How to play Sic Bo online and payouts

Playing dice online or how to bet dice will have a slightly different format. In order to create fun and diversify the risk for more players Which way to play will be as follows

To bet on ten, 

we have to predict what numbers from 1-6 will come out. Which the profit will be increased according to the number of dice drawn that we have guessed 1 time per dice, for example, guessing that 4 will come out. If one dice comes out with 4 faces, it will Get 1 times the profit. If two balls are drawn, you will get 2 times the profit, etc.

Bet on Tod ,

we will guess at the same time 2 numbers from 1-6 as before, for example, predicting numbers 2 and 4, we will win only if the dice come out on face 2 and face 4 only. The prize received is 5 times the capital.


bet is a prediction that the total points received will be in the low group (3-10 points) or the high group (11-18 points). If correct, the profit will be 1 times from the bet placed.

Even-odd bet ,

this one is similar to the bet with the high-low bet. We only have to predict whether the total points that come out will be an even number or an odd number. If the guess is correct, will receive 1 times the profit as well


is similar to betting on Teng. But it is a prediction of which number 1-6 will come out on the same page, for example, guessing double 2, there must be 2 dice that come out on page 2 to win and will receive 8 times the profit of the bet.

Tang Tong 

is a guess from 1 to 6, which number will be released at the same time, 3 pages, known as Tong. If all dice come out on the same face and match what we predicted will get profits up to 150 times

Total Taeng Tong 

is similar to Taeng Tong, but there is no specific number. As long as all three dice come out on the same face, it is considered a win and will return 24 times the profit.

Bet on total points 

is a bet with the most various payout rates. by looking at how the total points are This will affect the pay rate as follows.

  • If the total points are 9, 10, 11 or 12, the payout rate is 6 times excluding capital.
  • If the total points are 8 or 13, the payout rate is 8 times, excluding capital.
  • If the total points are 7 or 14, the payout rate is 12 times excluding capital.
  • If the total points are 6 or 15, the payout rate is 14 times excluding capital.
  • If the total points are 5 or 16, the payout rate is 18 times excluding capital.
  • If the total points are 4 or 17, the payout rate is 50 times, excluding capital.