Risk selection techniques for playing Sic Bo Online

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Sic Bo online, like any other gambling game, is always risky. Therefore, we as players need to know our level as well as how good we are. Or what level of risk can you accept? For sic bo, there will be divided into 3 levels of risk:

Low risk, low profit, high chance of winning.

Who doesn’t like taking risks? want to Sic Bo focus on sure Or can accept with a small profit, then should choose to play with this level of risk By focusing on high-low bets. Even-odd or even bets, these guys have a high chance of winning up to 50%, maybe not exactly, but close. Easy to observe from the low and low payout rates. Just 1x, that shows that it has a high chance of winning, or simply put. It is where the casino has the least advantage. So he had to pay a small amount so that there wouldn’t be many people going to bet.

As for the Sic Bo tod bet, there will be less chance of winning than the high-low or even-odd bet. So the way of playing must change. Which we set to play only 10 eyes. 1 unit per eye only And there is an important condition that must win 2 turns. Once you have won all, you must stop immediately. Because these two eyes can make a profit for us now. If forced to play for 10 turns, it is very likely to lose all capital. Including the profit gained as well. สมัคร UFABET

Medium risk, focus on balance, do not sit for long

Low-risk play, even if there is a high chance of winning. But to make a profit, it takes a long time. And the longer you sit, the less likely you are to win according to the House Edge value. Thus increasing the risk a bit more. It will help us get the desired profit in a shorter period of time. There are two main methods as follows:

Type 1 

bet on double favorites 1, 5 and 6 by placing a bet of 2 units per point and bet on a total of 9 points for another 3 units.

Type 2 

bet on double favorites 1, 2 and 6 by placing a bet of 2 units per point and bet on a total of 12 points for another 3 units.

            These 2 methods will diversify our risks. By covering more prize distribution areas From the 4 points we bet on, there is a chance of winning up to 1 in 4 or 25%, although it is reduced from less than half the risk. But still considered very good This time, let’s look at some returns.

If we win the total points, we will have a profit of 18 units, minus the capital loss of 6 units of double favorites, we will have a profit of 12 units.

If winning with a pair of favorites, we will make a profit of 20 units, minus the capital loss of 7 units, to get a net profit of 13 units.

It can be seen that no matter what kind of win we will receive at least ten units of profit. Just have to choose a table that pays double favorites, no less than 10 times as well, otherwise we may not be worth it as well.

high risk Focusing on short-term gains

For this method, we will bet on all 3 points at the same time and is a bet that does not focus on the spread. I don’t care how much it covers. because it will stab heavily to one side only It can be said that having only money is not enough. Be brave and crazy too. There are two ways to play:

Type 1: Bet on the left ,

bet on a total of 8 points, 3 units, bet on 1, 2, and 3 pairs for another 2 units each, then bet on Toot 2 and 3 for another 2 units, totaling 11 units.

Type 2: Bet on the right ,

bet on a total of 13 points, 3 units, bet on double favorites 4, 5 and 6, 2 units each, then bet on 4 and 5 as the last point, another 2 units, which costs the same 11 units.

Both of these bets, no matter what type, will produce the same results.

  • if winning total We will get back 18 units, minus the capital, leaving a profit of 7 units.
  • If winning a double favorite We will get back 20 units of capital, leaving 9 units of profit.
  • If Tod wins, we will get 10 units of money back, minus capital and lose 1 unit.

It can be seen that with this method we must overcome at least 2 points in order to make a profit at breakeven. which is considered to be very difficult But if it’s true, the money you get is also not less.

However, when it comes to this Want everyone to understand that Hi-Lo is a gambling game that should be played for fun. Because no matter how good the formula is In the end, it didn’t help us one hundred percent. Because it’s a guessing game. probability Therefore, the important thing that will help us get a sure profit is to play with a plan, discipline, goals, and then stop losing enough, not betting emotions. Just like this, even if you get a small profit, it can be considered a profit that is next to you.